Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning removes contaminants that accumulate on roofs over time, such as dirt, debris, algae, and mildew. These contaminants are not just unsightly, but can also cause rot and shingle decay leading to leaks, reduced energy efficiency, and overall shortening the lifespan of your roof. 

Left untreated, costly repairs or even replacement of the roof could be sooner than you think. 

Our roof cleaning service is not only a cost-effective way to remove these contaminants, but we also provide pH Balancing Treatments that serve as a preventative measure against algae and mildew growth in the future. 

It is recommended to have your roof professionally cleaned every 1-3 years, depending on the type of roof and level of environmental exposure. This will not only help maintain the integrity of your roof, but can also improve energy efficiency of your home, and will certainly improve curb appeal.